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O2O Ecom Logistics Solution & Amazon FBA Services

Since 2013, NCL has been providing Amazon FBA 1st-leg service for many Ecom Dealers from China to USA, Canada, Germany, UK & Australia, including Total Sea & Land transportation, Customs Clearances at China & Destination Countries, Delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses. 

With years' FBA handling experiences, NCL’s China team and US partners have worked together to overcome many challenges of Amazon FBA, providing shipping from China ports and delivery to FBA warehouse timely which support our Ecom clients’ quick growth in the past years. 

Based on years' FBA experiences, NCL’s Ecom O2O Platform was launched which helped to put all related logistics procedures starting from online inquiry, booking, operation and cargo status tracking into online system, via the O2O (Offline To Online) implementation, reaching status of transparency between Ecom Dealers, and our China / USA teams, further lowering down the logistics costs for Ecom Dealers. 

Our Amazon FBA Customer Service Contact:

USA   Tel: +1 818 581 4460         Email:

China Tel: + 86 755 33387210    Email:

About O2O Ecom Platform

In Jan 2015, New Chain Logistics, launched Gloablly first Ecom O2O Platform exclusively for China-USA Ecom Sellers, via Sea &  Land solution:

WinToDoor focuses on enabling international e-commerce between China and U.S. by offering specialized point to point delivery innovation for cargoes that are either with pallets or can be palletized.

Through our turnkey web application, we offer creative easy-to-use user experience for the ever-growing small-to-medium international sellers and buyers. Just a few clicks, the past impossible mission of selling and delivering one pallet goods to US buyers’ door now becomes possible. Furthermore, this industry breakthrough is also fully supported by excellent physical logistics service execution that assures customers’ satisfaction.

Our new system features the followings:

  • Deliver pallet cargo from China to any points in US within unprecedented 21 days
  • Offer real time quotation with competitive rates for sellers/buyers to win more business
  • Provide real time tracking for users to get full control of their shipments
  • Allow users to easily operate their e-commerce logistics from anywhere, at any time.

WinToDoor delivers winning formula for businesses in future international e-commerce.

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